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Customer Managed Business (CMB)

All businesses and information on CMB are listed freely and without bias. We want to empower companies of all sizes and advertising budgets by offering them a platform from which to promote their goods and services at no cost to themselves.

By so doing, we hope to enable businesses to focus time and attention on what really matters – their customers! We want to empower companies to become Customer Managed Businesses, an even more responsive approach with major benefits over the old Customer Relationship Management style of business.

If executed well, CMB (Customer Managed Business) can create five major benefits over CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

  1. It is easier to implement because the customer is involved in generating the specifications
  2. Early feedback from customers reduces the risks involved in the development of new products and services
  3. Customer involvement in setting price points can actually maximize profitability
  4. It creates lock-in with customers who have invested their time and energy in your product and service
  5. It allows you to move faster than your competitors since you are in a trusted relationship with your customer

Why just listen to your customers when you could be allowing them to help you shape your business, services and products. If they help you make it, you can be sure they’ll buy it.

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